About AC DC Electricians

For more than a decade, AC DC Electricians have been providing first-rate service to thousands of customers across the Greater Toronto Area. Our ultimate goal with every project we take on is to meet all of your expectations with a smile and a positive attitude. We believe in fostering a good relationship and trust with all of our clients. Not only will we fix all of your electrical issues, but we’ll also take the time to educate you about the work we’re doing.

All of our electricians are fully licensed, trained, and insured to work on your house or condo. We adhere to all local building codes for your peace of mind. We’ll get the job done in an efficient manner at a reasonable cost to you. You can rest assured that all of your electrical work is being completed by a highly experienced professional who takes the time to understand the unique needs of your request.

We will never make a mess or cause damage to your home. And we pride ourselves on our renowned emergency electrical service options. All of our talented technicians pride themselves on using non-invasive techniques and careful execution of every move during the project.

This Is WATT We Do

Residential Electrical Services

Exterior Pot Lights

A magical way to illuminate your home at night and stand out on the street. Outside lights, particularly pot lamps, increase the value of your property by enhancing its appearance.

Indoor Pot Lights

The most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to light up nearly any room in your home for a very reasonable price. A must-have project for basement renos or if you’re just about ready to sell.

Panel Upgrades

Older homes just don’t have the juice necessary to power our modern lives including premium appliances and electronics. A new panel installed by a professional electrician is a worthwhile upgrade.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Can’t figure out what the switch does or why the power suddenly stopped working? Our experts will quickly and effectively find the source of the problem.

Electrical Wiring & Remodeling

Building a new space or constructing a new home will require an expert electrician to ensure you get the exact layout to meet your family’s needs and match your lifestyle.

EV Chargers

Getting rid of the gas guzzler? More homes need easily accessible charging stations and ports for their electric vehicles.


No matter if it’s sconces or an opulent chandelier, we’ll fix you up with the hook-ups so you get the look you’re going for in any room in your home.

Electrical Services

Can’t figure out what the switch does or why the power suddenly stopped working? Our experts will quickly and effectively find the source of the problem.

Why Choose AC DC Electricians?

When you’re working on your home, you should never leave electrical work to the amateurs. Even DIY is dangerous. The only way to be sure you’re doing the job right is to call a licensed electrician from AC DC Electricians for all of your electrical services needs in Toronto.

We offer emergency services 24/7 for your convenience. And for standard calls, we’ll work with your schedule because we know how busy life can get. We always guarantee an efficient visit so there’s minimal disruption to your life and you can get back to doing the important stuff. For all of your residential electrician needs, contact AC DC Electricians to get a free estimate and book your appointment.

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