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Exterior/Interior Pot Lights Installation Etobicoke

Pot lights are an excellent way to enhance your home. Have AC DC Electricians install pot lights where you need better lighting or to fill in a dark corner or walkway. Our pot lights are adjustable and available in different styles and colours so you have a wide variety of lighting options to choose from.

Not only do exterior pot lights increase the level of security in your home, they also help to showcase your landscaping and the exterior of your home. Professionally installed interior pot lights can assist in highlighting a specific area or open up an otherwise dark corner.We can install your pot lights almost anywhere in the home. Add extra lighting for your backyard, around your deck, and under your kitchen cabinets for better task lighting that is there when you need it.

Soffit Pot Lights For Your Home

An excellent way to get the most out of your pot lights is to install soffit pot lights. Soffit is the overhang inside or outside your home. Installing pot lights under your eaves or a soffit inside the home can change the entire look and feel of a space. They are ideal for adding security lighting to the exterior of your home and accentuating a special place inside. LED pot lights use less energy and last much longer than other types of lighting. 

Soffit lights don’t take up any space as they are typically installed below an overhang like a roof overhang, eaves overhang, and porch overhang. You can install one or several to get great lighting where you can adjust and have full control over the lighting. They are the perfect solution for those hard-to-light spaces.

Why Install Exterior Pot Lights

Pot light installation is a great solution to illuminate many areas of the home. They offer a clean, soft look without harsh lights or shadows. You can use them to highlight artwork, and install them anywhere in the home. 

They are perfect for the outdoors or to enhance the lighting in dark walkways, the space between homes, or along the side of your garage. They can be used around the pool, on your patio, on your eaves, or in the ground. Choosing LED lights means you can have plenty of them installed without running up your energy bill. They don’t heat up and can withstand all kinds of weather.

Why Choose AC DC Licensed Electricians to Install Your Pot Lights

At AC DC Electricians, our team brings years of experience to every project we do. Our fully licensed and insured electricians arrive ready to find a solution quickly and get you back to your busy life.

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